In January I started coughing, losing weight, sweating and I got sick until I was very weak. When I went to the clinic, the worse news I got, came as a shock to me that I was diagnosed with TB. I was immediately started on treatment.

I visited the clinic again to get the final results after six months, the male nurse who was responsible for my file, was not there, because he was on a training course, but ultimately on the 27th of July 2011 I found him, and the best news I ever got was that, “My boy you are discharged from TB treatment, your results are clear” he said. The nurse, who received me for the first time in that clinic, told the other man who was just diagnosed with TB to look at this boy, he is such a good example, he has just completed his treatment and is cured of TB. 


I would like to thank all the people who were supportive during my time of shock and disbelief. I would like to encourage those who are afraid of testing for TB when they are coughing to do so and adhere to TB treatment because if I can beat it, you can also beat it.

Emmanuel – IkamvaYouth Ivory Park. Grade 10.