On the 22nd of March, both Ebony Park and Ivory Park branches came together to plan for 2014. This years’ Strategic Planning Weekend (SPW) was held at The Barefoot Backpackers, a perfect spacious venue. The volunteers were met with some early morning tea and refreshments to wake everyone up to the busy day ahead.

To start off the day volunteers from Ivory Park, Emmanuel and Richard, introduced the SPW meeting and outlined firstly what IkamvaYouth is and facilitated the setting out of ground rules to guide the day. They laid out their expectations of what they wanted to see as the outcomes of the SPW. Mr Mashanda, the Gauteng District Coordinator took the stand and outlined what will be taking place and he emphasised that he expected all branch related issues to be addressed during the meeting. 

Both Ebony Park and Ivory Park branches gave a brief overview of branch activities throughout 2013 and immediately after that the branches broke away into 2 separate groups. The task for the larger part of the morning was to discuss the challenges faced and devise ways to solve the challenges. It was interesting because the volunteers themselves facilitated these sessions and highlighted personal observations and the sessions were very interactive. Specific action points were decided upon and recorded and feedback will already be expected from the first branch committee meetings at the branches.

The last half of the day was dedicated to branch targets and electing a new branch committee for 2014. The enthusiastic vounteers now knew what was needed at the branches and became pro-active in choosing the right candidates to fill the different portfolios.

Overally, it was a very insightful day and it is amazing to see how much support the branches have. Both Ebony Park and Ivory Park volunteers have taken ownership of IkamvaYouth in their communities!