Our Vision for South Africa

Our SPW particiapnts were asked about their visions for this country and asked to complete the sentence… “A South Africa where…”

Phil: where knowledge is a matter of choice irrespective of class race or discrimination but it dependent on choice.

Nombu: equality for everyone that reflects our diversity. Everyone has access to the best of everything

Naledi: working together we can do more – where education is priority and education is fully functional

Andrew: a world with cooperation rather than competition – everyone brings what they have to be a part of the solution

Khona: Everyone has equal access to quality opportunities in education, health, housing, career opportunities. Everyone knows and understands their worth and they can contribute meaningfully to the country’s benefit

Zoe: a better education for all and equal opportunities for all SAs where all schools have the necessary resources

Joe:  SA that creates and sustains equal opportunities for wealth among its youth. A high values-based South African society through access to equal educational opportunities for all learners.

Themba: SA where every citizen has motivation to make use of opportunities

Nico: Identity is not by origin or status or class – IY tools for cooperation. Tools for developing own identity and to take initiative. People aware of themselves and able to work together to make something better

Charles: People having opportunity to realise their potential. Everyone with the opportunity to become who they can become

Joy: high quality education for all enables equal access to opportunities and prosperous, peaceful, caring nation