Following recent incidences of gang-related violence around the Nyanga community, Nyanganites reached out to partner organisation Safety Lab, for a safe-talk workshop at Zolani Centre.

The Lab’s representatives had a full afternoon talking to the 35 Nyanganites in Grades 9 and 10. Neo from The Lab spoke to the learners about his experiences growing up in the same circumstances as the learners, and how he sought to keep himself safe during his school years. The learners were full of questions and asked the Safety Lab team how they can handle intimidation by bullies and gang members at school and in the community. Neo and Lindile were up to the tasks and shared personal stories together with their expert knowledge as safety ambassadors in the community.

Sinobom Ngubombi  in Grade 10 said the following: ‘the workshop was excellent. I enjoyed it. Bhut’ Neo told us about his life and I am inspired by his story. ‘

Thank you Safety Lab for your work with IY Nyanga!