I am from Switzerland, studying Social Work back home and for my studies I have to complete two internships. The first I’ve done in Switzerland and the second one I decided to go abroad. I wanted to live somewhere for a couple of months, experience another culture, experience how Social Work works in other countries. Through people I met during previous travels, I heard about IkamvaYouth. Its now been 3 months that I have been interning here and I am enjoying my stay!  

The experience is different from what I expected, but not in a bad way at all. Just different. First of all, it’s great to work in this environment. There is a big gap between my culture and the culture here in the Townships. But for me it works well. I have to accept the world turns in a different way here.

In the beginning when I arrived I was busy doing some admin stuff. There was a lot to catch up on and I played the role of “assistant Administrator” since this was the need for the Branch. I made sure I support fully and assist where needed.

Initially my idea was to do some life skills with the kids. So to start this I prepared a workshop for exam preparation. Because the (final) exams were just in front of the door. So on a Saturday we had 3 hours time to work with the kids for this purpose. We (the tutors and me) tried to implement time tables so they can plan their days, especially their study time. As we also taught them skills and what is important for studying. In the end we did some exercises to find out which type of learner they are. Doing this workshop was a really interesting experience for me planning a “workshop” from the idea to the accomplishment. I got feedbacks from some learners and tutors and I think, it was a successful day.

When I came here I didn’t know that I will tutor as well. So I’m struggling a little bit haven’t practiced many of the subjects for a while. But, if there is something to help in more familiar subjects, I absolutely enjoy it. So it’s half time for me now and I’m glad about the decision to come here and enjoy IkamvaYouth and looking forward to the next three months!