The past three months have seen a few of the Nyanga and Makhaza learners turn into local short film documentary film makers – learning valuable industry skills, while grappling with real issues they face in their lives. Partnering with a US based organisation, Reel Lives, who use filmaking media to support education, empowerment and social change. 


Each of our learners in the program shot and edited an individual, non-fiction film related to a personal human rights issue in their own lives. Through the process of making these films, they were supported in engaging with their own lives in a unique way, and in experiencing the catharsis of an informal, but powerful, art therapy structure.

Have a look at their teasers, as well as read about the process and what they’ve got up to over the past three months here.

And now please join us in supporting our learners for the premiere of their films!


Saturday November 24th, 11:30am (doors open @ 11am. Please arrive early, limited seating)
Labia Theatre, 68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town

FREE entry, Donations appreciated.


We look forward to seeing you there, please feel free to bring along partners / friends / family