Information for Learners

How can I access the tutoring programme?

Anyone in grade 9 or 10 who attends nearby township schools can apply to join IkamvaYouth during registration week in January. To apply, you need to submit a letter motivating why you want to join IkamvaYouth and why you deserve a place on the programme. Watch out for notices at your local branch which advertise open days (when anyone can come to learn about IkamvaYouth and its programmes), the application deadline and registration days.

Learners in grades 11 and 12 who have met the attendance requirements in the preceding year (a minimum of 75%) are automatically accepted. No new learners in grades 11 or 12 are accepted, although in some instances grade 11s are recruited in the event that there are more spaces due to insufficient grade 10s meeting the attendance requirement during the preceding year.

Once you have been accepted, you need to fill out a learner registration form which will be avaliable from the open day and your parents need to sign an indemnity form.

What is expected of learners participating in the tutoring programme?

Participation in all of our programmes is free of charge. However, to keep your place in the programme you need to attend a minimum of 75% of the homework and tutoring sessions and 100% during the holiday programmes.

Learners also need to submit copies of their quarterly reports. Learners who have not received reports from their schools should explain the reasons for this in a letter to IkamvaYouth.

Although most learners who stay in the programme through to the end of grade 12 achieve good results and access tertiary education, these outcomes are not directly a result of their participation in the programme. IkamvaYouth learners need to take responsibility for their own learning by:

  • Ensuring that you're on top of your homework assignments at school
  • Reading your textbooks and making notes
  • Looking after your notes and assignments from school and revising them often
  • Completing past exam papers and marking them yourself using exemplars
  • Identifying your problem areas and ensuring that you get help from your peers and the tutors
  • Focusing on and prioritising your studies
  • Helping other learners

What should I bring to the tutoring and homework sessions?

  • All the textbooks, homework assignments and notes for the subjects with which you need help
  • Specific questions and problems that you're struggling with
  • Paper, pens and calculators

How do I become a green / silver / gold ikamvanite?

In order to keep your place at IkamvaYouth, you need to attend a minimum of 75% of all homework and tutoring sessions. If you're unable to attend, you need to tell the tutoring coordinator in advance, and provide a letter in which you provide the reason for your absenteeism.

Green ikamvanites attend between 75 and 80%.

Silver ikamvanites attend between 80 and 90%.

Gold ikamvanites achieve between 90 and 100% attendance.

Gold ikamvanites are first in line to receive additional benefits and support from IkamvaYouth. Some of these rewards can include:

  • Extra excursions (e.g. to theatre, movies, museums, hikes, the acquarium, etc.)
  • A number of free hours of Internet acccess in the computer labs
  • Letters of high recommendation for applications to tertiary education institutions, bursaries and scholarships
  • Recommendations to bursary and scholarship programmes that approach IkamvaYouth for suggested recipients
  • Application and registration fee bursaries
  • Participation in the annual Strategic Planning Weekend
  • Priority allocation of the most experienced and committed mentors when in grade 12
  • Profiles in IkamvaYouth's newsletter and on the website