Information for Volunteers and Partner Organisations

Who can become an Operation Fikelela trainer? 

Computer literate volunteers with a passion for technology and have an interest in helping learners to build these skills are needed to train Operation Fikelela classes. 

The curriculum comprises detailed step-by-step lesson plans.

If you're interested in becoming an Operation Fikelela trainer, please speak to your branch director.

We also need volunteers to assist with technical support and maintenance – please let us know if you have these skills to share! 

What can I expect?

Trainers need to have patience as the training is new to learners.

There is a wide range in skills - many are using computers for the first time, while others have more experience.

What is expected of Operation Fikelela trainers?

As there is a formal curriculum that needs to be followed, regular trainers are required to take responsibility for a class.

In the event that you're unable to make your class, you need to organise a replacement and ensure that they understand what needs to be covered during the session.

All trainers are held to IkamvaYouth's *code of conduct*.

What training will I receive?

While IkamvaYouth aims to provide training sessions to build its team of trainers, most training occurs through co-training with more experienced trainers.