Information for Parents

How will my child benefit from the mentoring programme?

Learners participating in IkamvaYouth's mentoring programme will access opportunities to:

  • Identify the post-school opportunities most suited to their interests, skills, capacity, subjects and academic achievement
  • Identify relevant bursary and scholarship opportunities
  • Ensure that they apply for the relevant courses, institutions, learnerships and/or employment opportunities
  • Ensure that application forms are accurately and comprehensively completed, and have all the requisite supporting documentation

How can my child access these benefits?

  • Learners can apply to IkamvaYouth at the beginning of Grade 9 or 10
  • To keep their place in the programme they need to attend a minimun of 75% of tutoring and homework sessions and 100% of the holiday programme (usually two weeks, Monday – Friday during winter and/or summer holidays)
  • Learners who have met the attendance requirements by the time they reach grade 12 are assigned a mentor
  • Learners need to submit quarterly school reports so that IkamvaYouth can track their academic achievement and provide targeted support where necessary

How can I get involved?

  • Attend the open day at your local branch in January
  • Assist your child with completing their application forms (many applications to tertiary studies need parents' signatures and applications for financial aid require supplementary documentation, e.g. Certified copies of IDs and payslips)
  • Contribute funds towards their application and registration fees for tertiary institutions
  • Encourage and monitor your child's meetings with their mentor
  • Attend parents meetings
  • Join branchcom meetings