Information for Learners

How can I get a mentor at IkamvaYouth?

Once learners reach grade 12, having met the attendance requirements each year since joining, they are each assigned a mentor at the beginning of the year.

What will the mentor help me with?

The key objective of the mentor programme is to provide support to learners as they:

  • Decide what to do in the year after school (a first, second and third choice)
  • Find out what is required in order to access these opportunities
  • Carry out the activities required to access these opportunities

What is expected of the learners (mentees)?

The mentor will not make any decisions for you, fill out your application form or submit your application letters or forms. It is your responsibility to do all of these things yourself. The mentor works as a sounding board to help you make these decisions and provides support by answering questions, checking your form and reminding you to submit it on time.

How can I access an application and/or registration fee bursary?

If your attendance record is between 90 and 100% by June of your matric year, you are eligible to apply for an application or registration fee bursary.

Fill out *this form* before the winter holiday programme. Remember that you should only ask for the amount that you actually need. First speak to your parents and find out how much they can afford to contribute. If you or your parents can afford to pay your application and/or registration fees, please do not apply for this fund. Remember that the funds are very limited, so only ask for the amount that you really need so that IkamvaYouth can help more learners.

Make sure that you check the notice boards regularly and that the administrator has your phone number so that you receive SMS alerts about upcoming mentor meetings and application deadlines.