At the beginning of the year, each grade 12 learner is assigned a mentor. The two meet for at least two hours per month throughout the year, and work together to:

  • Identify the post-school opportunities most suited to the learner's interests, skills, capacity, subjects and academic achievement
  • Identify bursary and scholarship opportunities for which the learners are eligible, and relate to their chosen field of study
  • Ensure that learners apply to the relevant courses, institutions, learnerships and/or employment opportunities
  • Ensure that application forms are accurately and comprehensively completed, and have all the requisite supporting documentation

Application and registration fee bursary fund

The application and registration fee bursary fund provides needy and committed learners with the means they need to apply to and register with tertiary institutions. Application fees range between R50.00 and R250.00 depending on the institution and registration fees can be up to R4000.00. For most of the families in South African townships, this is prohibitively expensive, and it is thus imperative that IkamvaYouth can contribute towards these costs for our learners.

Gold ikamvanites are eligible to apply to this fund, which contributes towards the costs of application fees to and registration fees at tertiary institutions. The fund provides a means for needy learners to overcome the prohibitively high fees at some institutions and ensures that the doors of higher learning are not shut in the faces of those living in poverty.

Parents meetings

Parents meetings are held every three months. At these meetings:

  • Information about IkamvaYouth programmes and upcoming events are provided
  • Parents receive and provide feedback about their child's progress
  • Parents and mentors speak about the challenges learners face in their home environments
  • Parents are encouraged to promote their child's attendance at tutoring and mentoring sessions
  • Parents are provided an opportunity to give input to IkamvaYouth's programmes and progress and get involved in programme delivery (e.g. helping out with holiday programmes and excursions) and organisational management (e.g. by attending branchcom meetings)
  • A question and answer session creates the space for parents and mentors to voice any questions or concerns