Shap's Cameraland has sponsored the Makhaza branch's winter programme photography project and annual exhibition for the past 4 years. IkamvaYouth is looking for similar sponsorship at our other branches. (Donated digital cameras, memory cards, rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, sponsored printing and mounting of photographs).

Other ways in which you can help with the Media, Image and Expression programme:

  • Sponsor entry fees and/or transport (usually around R3000 for a whole branch to go on a one-day excursion) to museums, galleries, theatre, the cinema etc.
  • Sponsor art materials and paper
  • Sponsor a bulk print of IkamvaYouth's book of poetry and photography, Through Our Eyes.
  • Sponsor or loan filming and editing equipment for holiday programme film-making workshops.
  • Contribute to media lab Internet costs (R70/gig)