Information for Volunteers

How can I become a workshop facilitator?

IkamvaYouth works as much as possible with partner organisations to provide career guidance workshops. If you are part of an organisation that provides career guidance workshops free of charge, or you're an individual who'd like to share your information / skills, please contact *link to contact us* the director at your local branch.

We strongly encourage ex-learners to become tutors and pay-forward the support they received when they were learners. Please come and share your experiences of how you accessed tertiary education, learnerships or employment – it's a very real and big motivation to our learners!

Please note that partner organisations are required to sign a *partnership agreement* and that all facilitators of workshops, presentations and field trips are held to our volunteer *code of conduct*.

What can I expect?

It is best to speak with your local branch director about the workshop content and times, as he or she will have an in-depth knowledge about what workshops the learners have already participated in, what information they have received and what information they still require.

How can I get more involved in the organisational management?

IkamvaYouth is a by-youth, for-youth organisation. Each branch aims to be run by its learners and volunteers. The best way to become involved in the organisational management of your branch is to join the *branchcom email list* and attend bi-weekly *branchcom* meetings, which usually held for an hour before or after tutoring.

Each branchcom has someone who heads up the Career Guidance programme. The branch director will connect you to this person when you first contact them.