Information for Learners

How can I access the career guidance workshops, Careers Indaba and field trips?

All learners are required to attend the Career Guidance workshops. (Attendance is recorded and counts towards your green/silver/gold status).

At some branches, the Careers Indaba is open only to ikamvanites and runs over a few days (e.g. at Masiphumelele the Careers Indaba usually runs over two weeks). At others, the Indaba is open to all members of the community and runs over one day (e.g. at Makhaza). The Careers Indabas are usually held during the winter holiday programmes.

Gold ikamvanites' participation is prioritised, but where funding/sponsorship/partnership allows, IkamvaYouth tries to take all of our learners on different trips.

Make sure that you check the notice boards regularly and that the administrator has added your phone number so that you receive SMS alerts about upcoming workshops, indabas and field trips.

What is expected of learners participating in the Career Guidance programme?

  • All learners are required to attend the workshops and Indaba
  • The people facilitating workshops and field trips are volunteers, and sometimes it is their first time volunteering at Ikamva. Make them feel welcome and remember to:
  • Show them respect by listening carefully
  • Turn off your cell phones
  • Participate fully – Don't be shy and ask questions!
  • Thank them for their contribution and participation
  • When you go on trips, please help the volunteers by listening carefully to instructions and looking out for one another.

What should I bring to the field trips?

  • Ensure that your parents have signed the *indemnity form*
  • Transport is usually provided, or the cost is reimbursed
  • IkamvaYouth tries to provide packed lunches for field trips but due to funding restraints this is not always possible. Please read notices and SMS alerts to find out if you need to bring your own lunch.