As preparation for their June exams, Nyanganites had a week of mock exams from the 29th of May to the 2nd of June. The atmosphere was serious and business-like as the learners wrote the first subjects on their school time-tables, under strict exam conditions. One of the tutors, Lunga Sizani, commented, ‘we tutor the learners to prepare them for exams, therefore it is a good idea for them to practise in the week before they start writing at school’.

 Our dedicated tutors marked the papers in a period of two days and revised the question papers and memorandum with the learners. This was a great platform for our learners to know which sections of their work they find difficult and for the tutors to assist in those particular areas. Zimbini Mputa, one of the Gr 11 students had this to say: ‘I think the mock exam was very good for us because when I wrote my Maths exam at school, I was better prepared’.

Nyanga looks forward to sterling mid-year results from all our learners.