High School students and parents from Nyanga and surrounding areas trekked to Oscar Mpetha High School to hear all about IY Nyanga this last Saturday the 19th of January. 

The school hall comfortably seated the 80 people who were in attendance, who included current and prospective Ikamvanites, parents, school staff and volunteers. The branch coordinator, Shuvai Finos welcomed the group, and introduced Funeka’s story, which explains the IY model in 3minutes. Branch Assistant, Asanda Nanise then took over the reins and got straight into fleshing out the IY model as explained by the video clip. Asanda explained the application process, the attendance requirements and the infamous, yet effective kickouts which are conducted every term.

Afterwards, a question and answer segment followed where concerned parents asked whether learners could only attend during Winter School, if they live far from the branch, or alternatively, on Saturdays only. Asanda explained the need for learners to attend regularly so as to get constant and consistent input which is much needed as part of IY’s intervention into learners’ education.

At the end of the session, parents and learners collected application forms and then set off, excited to start the journey towards becoming full-fledged Ikamvanites.