Some awesome news for February 2012 – we’ve just moved our Nyanga branch from the Nyanga Library to the Zolani Centre. Check the pics below for a taste of our new space… we’ve already been busy decorating and are excited to announce that we’re upping the number of young people we’re working with in Nyanga from 60 to 90.

Tutoring is hopefully kicking off next week, but we need your help! We’re in urgent need of desks or tables to help us seat young people during their classes.

The space is ours to use in the afternoons but is used for other purposes outside of our hours, so we’re looking for some stackable/foldable trestle tables or desks which can be put away outside of class times.

Can you help? If you’ve got any tables/desks you could donate please get in touch with Asanda on or drop him a line on 07988 54277. Please pass this along to any contacts/networks you think might be relevant – your help is hugely appreciated!