The 4th of May was an exciting day for Nyanga Matrics, as the Career Guidance and Mentoring portfolio launched the 2013 Mentoring program.

After weeks of planning, the launch came together beautifully. Our  Matrics were joined by their parents, IY staff, and Gr 11 learners in a session where they met their mentors for the year. Our mentors are all university students in their senior years of study, and have been paired with individual learners according to similar career interests and fields of study.  The mentors met the learners’ parents, and IY staff, and had a productive time, getting to know their mentees, the IY program and the role and importance of mentoring for grade 12s, during this crucial time in their lives.

Nyanga’s head of Career Guidance and Mentoring, Nosipho Bele had the following to say:

Mentoring is very important at this stage of the learners’ lives, and we want every learner to have that support system throughout the year.

The leaners also got a rare treat, as motivational speaker and actor, Siv Ngesi spoke to them about growing up in the township and succeeding in life, despite humble beginnings.

One of the parents, Mr Mputa, expressed his gratitude for the support being offered the learners, and said the following:

I am happy that (IkamvaYouth) is doing so much to help our children. We did not have these things growing up but because of your work, our children can pursue their dreams with help from people who know more than they do.

We are excited to see the fruit of this crucial structure in our Matrics’ lives and look forward to greater things from our Career Guidance and Mentoring team!