Saturday 24 November was a day of fun and celebration at the Nyanga branch. Nyanganites had their year end and prize giving ceremony at Zolani Centre. The prize giving is when learners get acknowledged for, and celebrate their commitment to their own education, as evidenced by their presence in the program at the end of the year. All the learners received certificates of attendance and some learners received recognition for various achievements such as leadership and improvement in school results. Our volunteers also received certificates for their tireless efforts, helping the learners with their school work. Four learners walked away with computers, generously donated by Capitec bank. These learners were the learner of the year, voted for by tutors; the best attendance overall, most improved learner overall and most improved learner in Grade 12.

 The function was well attended by Nyanganites, their families and friends, IY partners and IYstaff from the Western Cape.  A total of 104 certificates and 38 prizes were issued on the day and the learners were excited to be the centre of all this attention.

 We would like to thank all our partners and supporters, notably Capitec bankCWDEPRI, Habonim DrorHIP2B2IkapadataNumeric, Reel LivesSACTWU, and The Sozo Foundation. The future is in all our hands.