On the 25th of May, Nyanga tutors got an opportunity to hold a meeting with each other and the branch staff, in order to exchange best practices, get an update about the upcoming Winter School, IY’s upcoming Child Protection and Computer and Internet policies, and how these will affect volunteers.

The meeting was attended by our longest-serving volunteers, our newest volunteers and 2012 Matrics who have returned to volunteer. This mix of the different kinds of volunteers made for a good exchange of ideas and viewpoints regarding the issues under discussion. By the end of the meeting, the tutors had made suggestions towards the policies discussed, and shared their knowledge with each other, ranging from how to explain concepts to learners, to guiding learners to become self-starters.  

It was a very productive meeting and we would like to say an immense THANK YOU to our amazing tutors for the work they do with the learners and their invaluable contributions to the branch.