On Saturday the 8th of September, Nyanga held its termly parents’ meeting at Zolani Centre. The meeting was well attended, with 41 of our 69 learners represented by parents, guardians and other family members.

The meeting was three-fold, aiming at explaining, informing and understanding all matters pertaining to IY and the learners we work with. Many of our parents do not know what IY does and the meeting was a good platform for them to come, meet staff members and some of the volunteers and engage with them. The parents had many questions ranging from kick out policies, lateness policies and how to instill discipline in their children. There was also a lot of praise and acknowledgment of IY’s positive contribution in the lives of the learners.

One of the parents, Mrs Gwegwe said, ‘I thank IkamvaYouth for what they have done for my family. I never expected to see a computer in my home but my child was given a computer. Continue the good work Ikamva.’

Thank you to all our parents who attended and sent delegates on their behalf, and a huge thank you to Nyanganites for making this meeting a success.