Joschka Thilo will be travelling by bicycle, from Zurich, Switzerland to Cape Town, South Africa. He will be travelling for about 6 months, covering 10,000km (6,200 miles). He will travel without a support vehicle which means he will be transporting all his equipment, food and water with him on his bicycle! He’s generously chosen IkamvaYouth to be the recipient of ALL the funds he’ll be raising through this trip (he isn’t even keeping any to cover his costs!). Josch writes on his site, NomadsOn2Wheels, that ” I hope to inspire the people following this journey to follow their dreams and escape from the everyday rat race. I strongly believe that there is more to life than the urban lifestyles largely based on materialistic and monetary values that so many people aspire to.”

Support his amazing courage (and IkamvaYouth!) by donating via PayPal on his website.