The Ikamvanites teamed up with Science Spaza, for a hip-hop competition in celebration of National Science Week at the Bat Centre. A group of 40 Ikamvanites were selected to participate and show off their talents in preparing Hip-hop songs as they worked with Rooted Souls, Science spaza and Dr Sphamandla from UKZN Westville.  

Ikamvanites learning about the formation of Crystals

Dr  Sphamandla, as a science lecturer from UKZN, taught the learners about crystals, how they were formed as well as what you can possible use crystals for.. The learners were divided into 7 groups to prepare their songs. One of the Umlazi Groups had already prepared a song to sing at the Bat Center and performed it for the Science Spaza team. After these awesome performances, Rooted Souls ,and science spaza Team along with Dr Sphamandla were assisting the learners with their rhymes, grammar and if they were sticking to science for their performances on Saturday.

Learners Preparing thier songs

Ikamvanites performing thier song “Suffering Acids”

Just before lunch as the learners were still at it, IFANI, the SAMA award winning Hip Hop Artist walked in and the learners were over the moon excited. The learners then got an opportunity to sit down and ask him a couple of questions about where he comes from, his inspirations behind his music as well as what he studied. Ifani is not just a musician he is also a computer scientist, who worked as an engineer for 4years. His love for music started at a very young age and he is finally pursuing it.

Ifani Performing at the BAT Centre


The 7 groups were ready to dazzle the judges with their performances. The judges were Hillary from Science Spaza, Dr.Sphamandla  and Ifani. The judges were looking for rhythm, energy and does your song get the message across about crystals. Parents, friends and fellow ikamvanites arrived to support the performing groups .

One of the competing groups performing 


In the end we had a winner the ladies that called themselves the fourth Harmony from Chesterville Secondary in grade 11. The ladies received Science Spaza t-Shirts as well as Ifani’s latest Album. The event will be broadcast on Hectic NINE-9 during national science week from the 2nd of August till the 9th of August 2014


The whole event was a success IkamvaYouth is grateful for such an opportunity that Science Spaza provided for the Ikamvanites. We surely hope to work again with them soon.