My future is like a creature and I’m the creator

God forbid bad friends coz I am the maker

For the walls of doubt I am the dillapidator

And all my obstructions the assassinator


Because the future is in my hands

Rain pours down my face

Getting tired of the race

Why does life lead a fast pace

When you’re not ready for the game


I smell my future is near

I sense my hands do not fear

Because my future is in my hands


Dreamt of being a doctor

Overcome by dope factors


Some will settle for being cleaners

But for me, the grass is greener

I have potential of being a leader


So you see… I attend this institution

With a Xhosa restitution

They give me free-of-charge tuition

Enthusiastic with precision


And glad to be of assistance


…………..the name is Ikamva 



                                              Nokukhanya M. Ngcobo