Here at IkamvaYouth, we are all family. So, when one of our family members has made the decision to go forward with his or her life and start something new, we at IkamvaYouth know no better way to send him or her off than with a party! Our beloved comrade Luyanda Kota, previously the director of IkamvaYouth Makhaza, has taken a new path in his life and found employment with another organisation, and we all wish him the very best. Instead of saying goodbye, crying, and having feelings of loss, we at IkamvaYouth surprised Luyanda with a party at Mzoli’s! 

Together, we celebrated the times we had with Luyanda as a volunteer, a tutor, a mentor, a role model, a director, and most importantly a dear friend. Tutors, fellow staff members, and interns all took part in the Mzoli’s party with Luyanda. 

We are very proud of Luyanda and wish him the very best in all the paths he takes in the future. ONCE AN IKAMVANITE, ALWAYS AN IKAMVANITE!