Your company can earn Social Economic Development (SED) and Skills Development points with IkamvaYouth. Your company can also receive a Section 18A receipt for tax relief on your donation.

To earn Skills Development points, IkamvaYouth has set up a matric bursary programme, which represents an opportunity for your company to earn points under the B-BBEE codes and achieve lasting impact.

If you would like to know more about this programme, please contact Alex Smith at alex@ikamvayouth.org. IkamvaYouth is a Level 1 B-BBEE supplier as more than 75% of its beneficiaries are black South Africans.

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Alex Smith

021 820 7444
47 Westminister Road Salt River, Cape Town

Balisa Ntloko

021 820 7444
47 Westminister Road Salt River, Cape Town

Even though schools are shut and we can’t run tutoring sessions, we are continuing with tutoring our learners using technology, giving them access to online learning platforms and study materials. We are determined to keep Ikamvanites’ young minds stimulated and prepared for when schools open to ensure success in their academic careers.

Click on our Volunteer and Donate tabs to lend a helping hand during these dire times.

We encourage everyone to stay at home and practice good hygiene.