It has been a month since Ikamva youth Ivory park closed doors for 2013 applications and we are glad to welcome our 2013 Ikamvanites, this hectic and vibrant week was followed by the visit to UJ during Society Week/Orientation week on the 6th of February 2013, A big thank you goes out to all tutors (recruitment team) who showed commitment, dedication and assured us that they are and will always be Ikamvanites by spending the day with us and helping us with postering.

Indeed we have seen the fruits of postering on Saturday 9th February 2013, as returning tutors and new tutors flocked to the centre with the aim of helping whilst we kept receiving calls from tutors who were left behind by the tutor bus and the large numbers of emails received daily.

Excursions kicked off with the invitation to the “The Big Debate “ recording/interview on the 17th February 2013, The big debate is a  10-part series for SABC2, broadcast weekly every Sunday night at 10pm,  debating issues of redress and transformation facing South African society in all sectors – land, health, the arts, policing, mining, racism and so on.

Ikamva youth Ivory park is once again giving hope to more than a hundred children from local schools and surrounding areas and happy to say that our call has reached more than 10 schools, this is proof that we are ready to pave way for the 2030 vision, with the crop of the cream being our first matric class of 2013 we are determined to working hard, showing commitment and maintain the momentum thereby upholding the Ikamva youth model

We wish to thank Ikamvayouth South Africa for the support, love and super powers unleashed, you giving us hope and the reason to push harder and aim to reach for the stars, Thank you.