Last December (2015), the Masiphumelele community suffered another fire that left many people destitute.

Three months later, the inhabitants are still feeling the effects and are trying to rebuild their lives. You can read more about the after-effects here:

Nicholas Commeignes (Branch Coordinator – Masiphumelele) has been collecting contributions of furniture, clothing and kitchen equipment for the affected learners and organisations such as State Street and Cognia Law have been contributing. Some funds were reserved to assist the learners to acquire school uniform and stationery at the beginning of the year; their living situations still remain difficult though as some have had to rely on family and friends for accomodation which is sometimes far from their schools. One learner gets home from school at 8pm because of the long commute.

If you would like to contribute towards this fire relief initiative, this inludes items along the lines of clothing (including uniform), stationery, furniture or kitchen equipment, please send an email to / for detailed information on the learners current requirements.