Day 5 of the NSPW (National Strategic Planning Week) shifted our focus a bit from the intensity of leadership and personal growth to a workshop that challenged our thinking. As an introduction this day started with a challenge to encourage us to identify “superpowers” that we each possess, these superpowers were the special gifts and talents that each of us possess and beneficial to the organisation. This led to the presentation and introduction to Strategy.

A lot of brainstorming took place to define strategy in groups, ideas and concepts were shared and it was evident that it wasn’t an unfamiliar concept but was interesting to share what different people thought it was. The facilitator challenged the group to identify what role each person had to get Ikamva Youth where it is now.

This gave rise to each Ikamva Youth branch giving presentations about individual branches around the country, which included: the history of the branch, the branches special projects, the branch committees and their functioning, projected targets from 2011 vs the target outcomes for 2012, tutoring and the financial projections for 2013. The day was concluded with a SWOT analysis to identify the stregnths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats for the organisation.

Although this was a shift of approach in terms of facilitation and content however, it was beneficial and stimulating for the mind to engage in organisational strategies for future growth and development.

We will continue to create magic!!!