Given IkamvaYouth’s learner’s consistently high achievement, we’re often asked about our learner selection process; the quick answer is that our learners select themselves. This approach is based on our organisational values (i.e. equal access to opportunities) and beliefs (that anyone can achieve success with commitment and hard work).


IkamvaYouth’s open days are held at each branch at the beginning of the year. They’re open to all (learners, parents, volunteers etc) and any learner in grades 8 to 11 can take an application form. The application requires learners to motivate why they would like to be an Ikamvanite and why they’re willing to commit to attending more than 75% of all IkamvaYouth’s after school and holiday programmes. Applications are considered on a first-submitted first-served basis; only those who have failed to make significant effort are placed aside. IkamvaYouth does not consider academic results or writing ability in selecting learners. Most providers of supplementary academic support that we know of in South Africa either select learners who already demonstrate academic achievement and potential or rely on teachers to select appropriate learners. IkamvaYouth doesn’t do these things because we believe that everyone has the potential to succeed and that it’s only those who have decided for themselves to take their future into their own hands that are likely to do so. Learners who join us with significantly poor academic results often demonstrate the greatest improvement.