Hearth & Soul is where its all happening. 22 Ikamvanites from across the country (4 provinces and all branches) have come together for the much awaited National Strategic Planning Week, which is a roadway to 2013. This will be an intensive 2 weeks of Transformational leadership, Strategic Planning and Team building, facilitated by renowned Leadership Developer Ilana Wetzler from SunRunners and Mignon Keyser from PEERPOWER.

Day one: this day laid a foundation and set the pace for all the following days, which included Self-awareness, Unpacked the qualities of a great leader and through this we realised that we have them inside us it’s all up to us to choose, this topic teaches us that leadership is based on service and asking what is needed here and thereby we changing the cause and not the symptoms

The day build up to experimental learning; that we learn from everything we do and sharing  ,revisited  IkamvaYouth Values which remind us about our responsibilities and abilities that we can respond rather than react.

All this was displayed through task teams which taught us the power of collaboration and resource sharing the Eye blinding game and  the plank game just to name a few.