IkamvaYouth holds the values of ‘Responsibility for self and others’,‘Integrity’, and ‘Openness’ as central to our work. These values are applied at a learner level but are also woven into the fabric of the organisation. The commitment to these values has instilled a culture that promotes above all else, sharing.

Through open-sourcing the information that IkamvaYouth has spent 10 years testing and gathering, it hopes to enable organisations to strengthen their existing tutoring programmes and to inspire other organisations and individuals to begin tutoring programmes.

The www.ikamvanitezone.org is the platform that holds all of the information you need to know about running a tutoring progamme and its supplementary activities.

The latest addition to this site and our YouTube Channel is a series of ‘How-To’ videos that draw from the expertise of the wider IkamvaYouth team to create easy to use resources.

Check them out and enjoy! 

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