It is with much excitement that we can report on the results of our 2011 IkamvaYouth Gauteng matriculants. In particular, we are especially pleased to report a 100% matric pass rate for the first time in this branch’s history. Perhaps more importantly though it pleases us to report that half of these passes are Bachelor level passes, 40% are Diploma level passes and the remaining 10% are Higher Certificate passes.  

Among the many happy success stories, two stand out so far: Shelton Chadya achieved a monumental 5 distinctions (his 3rd highest mark was 64% when he joined IkamvaYouth). Tshepo Lesejane also scored a distinction in maths literacy which is particularly impressive in that his maths literacy mark when he joined IkamvaYouth was only 39%. Tshepo has effectively more than doubled his results in 2 years with IkamvaYouth.

Shelton Chadya who scored 5 distinctions in his matric exams.

True credit for these results must go to our awesome learners, volunteers and donors and the branch team for pulling this all together. The learners have put in countless hours of hard work and study, the volunteers have continuously poured their hearts and souls into assisting our learners and the donors have provided the means for this to take place. In particular we are especially grateful to ABI, Hatch and African Bank for their contributions to the programme this past year.

All that is left is for us to toast the success of the IkamvaYouth Gauteng matrics and to celebrate these achievements in the days ahead. The next task is to ensure all of these learners get access to quality post-school opportunities in the next few months while we also officially open our new Gauteng branch to assist more learners.

Busy but exciting days in store.