This is my hand…..your hand

that hand that speaks to his and hers..

To this and That…Iam that….

Like compass ….I carry direction..see it in my veins..

Iam like a path leading to various routes…

from here to there..feel it in my palm…and fingers

Iam hand that makes and not breaks…

I bring the good and Not bad

Iam not a fist …dont fold me for I carry a seed in  me..

A seed that blossoms when unfolded

There are opportunities in me…..

fingers are my support structure..Please dont burn them

this is your choice

take care of me

they  say one hand washes the other…well, I could wash yours if you do mine

nurture me…Iam your hand that carries your future

Seek in me the path to the sunrays…

For I hold the light. (created by Modjadji:NSPW 2012)