By Luyanda Kota

Before the winter school, we kind of adopted a slogan that says “if you don’t know your status, then you don’t know your future”. This is indeed correct in every sense of the work and we are happy that we addressed the need for more HIV/AIDS awareness stuff at the Winter School by inviting and number of organisations to help our learners out.


 YouthAids was the first organisation to come and they had a great approach of creating awareness in a fun way with music and learners dancing. They gave a lot of gifts to our learners as they were asking them about a number of pertinent issues to create that Peer to Peer learning.  We also had the favourates Partners in Sexual Health (PSH) and once again learners liked the workshop as it was more of a debating approach. Last but by no means last OIL came to and approached the awareness in a form of activities and games.

 At the end of the Winter School New Start came to Nazeema Isaacs Library but due to the bad weather they tested few of our learners. We are hoping that we will continue to fly the flag of creating awareness and once again we want to say “if you don’t know your status, then you don’t know your future”