Donate goods or services

Thank you for your interest in IkamvaYouth. By donating a required service or product, you’re having a lasting, meaningful impact on both IkamvaYouth and the learners within the programme.

With every donation, you help us keep administrative and operational costs to a bare minimum, letting us commit cash donations and income directly to programme delivery.

IkamvaYouth offers high impact at a very low cost per learner. This is achieved through leveraging volunteerism and strategic partnerships. With public libraries, tertiary institutions and community centres providing free access to venues and infrastructure, and volunteers responsible for all programme delivery at our branches, the overall expenditure per IkamvaYouth learner per year between 2004 and 2014 was in the region of R5000.

IkamvaYouth would welcome any of the following to help keep our costs low:

★ Books, learning and teaching materials

★ Catering (during holiday programmes)

★ Digital cameras and development of prints for the learners’ photography projects

★ Laptops, computers, cell phones and telephones  

★ Printers for printing learning materials

★ Services (designers, film makers, accountants etc.)

★ Stationery

★ Transport (for tutors during the term and for learners during holiday programmes)

★ Venues (where we can hold tutoring sessions and holiday programmes)

If you have goods or services that you would like to donate to us please email Alex at or telephone +27 21 462 5590.