Media, Image, and Expression
By Luyanda Kota

Once again the Media, Image and Expression programme was well represented at the last Tsiba Winter School. The line up of activities started with Chri Fan getting organised and offering Creative writing workshops, creative writing provides a platform for expression and when that foundation is there poetry and many more writing activities such as essay writing are possible.

 We also had Art workhops with Donna and our learners created tangible things such as tags which if I may say were beautiful while they had strong messages on them. From there we had poetry and we are happy to present the poem at the bottom of the article as the artcle written by our learners while they were at the Winter School.

Last but by no means less we had our photography sessions were conducted by Sena Allen, Emma van der Vliet and Nicola Pallit. This provided a lot of pretty pictures that had a theme called FIFA Fever. These provided enough for the exhibition that was held at Desmond Tutu Hall in the Talent show.

Music Is… 

Music is my passion
My inspiration
Makes me think of passion
Music is my everything

It reminds me of old days
It is my inner voice
Makes me feel good
Makes me feel sad
Music is my freedom

Music makes me feel welcome
Feel energetic, makes me feel warm
Music makes me feel pessimistic
Not happy at all
Music is my home

 Music is my let out
Let out for sadness and stress
Let out for anger and pain 

Music is my mentor
Music is my world

Written by the 11B students of  IkamvaYouth Makhaza Winter Programme
Taught by Christopher Fan, IkamvaYouth Intern