2013 was a big year for IY, and it is with great pride (and relief!) that we can report, once again, our matrics’ excellent achievements. It is thanks to the superheroes who work or volunteer at IY, and those who support and enable this amazing team of people, that IY continues to deliver while growing significantly.

Overall, we achieved an 89% matric pass, and incredibly, 94% of these passes are diploma (30%) or bachelor passes (64%). With sixty more matrics than last year; two brand new branches established; a comprehensive survey of our alumni completed and all that went into our big ten year bash; the ikamvanites really pushed ourselves in our tenth year. And while having our work recognised by many accolades (including the STARS Impact award) is a great affirmation of all we put in, nothing makes it feel more worthwhile than sharing the excitement and joy with our learners as they celebrate the beginning of their shining bright futures. 

But (as always at IY), there’s more to come. We still have two big hurdles to clear: the supplementary exams in march (all learners who failed and many of those who fell just short of the diploma or bachelor passes they were aiming for will be spending the coming weeks back with their books), and the all-important post-school placements. The next few weeks involve a lot of time on the phones and in queues at tertiary institutions, as we aim to ensure that all our learners enroll in the post-school opportunities that will set them on their career paths.   

Our results by branch and province are as follows:


Ivory Park (first matric cohort!): 100% pass; 17% diploma & 83% bachelor

Ebony Park: 94% pass; 34% diploma & 62% bachelor


Chesterville: 82% pass; 48% diploma & 44% bachelor

Umlazi (first matric cohort): 83% pass; 47% diploma & 40% bachelor 

Western Cape

Makhaza: 83% pass; 28% diploma & 64% bachelor

Nyanga: 93% pass; 15% diploma & 85% bachelor

Masi: 89% pass; 88% bachelor

Well done to everyone who made this happen!