Code of Conduct



Adopted July 2008


Mutual Respect & Self Respect

  • Respect for dignity: eliminate all forms of offensive language and behaviour. 
  •  Be honest and sincere: share and welcome direct constructive feedback.
  • Appreciate one another.
  • Get to know each other and act as one team.
  • Interact spontaneously, not only when we discuss work issues.
  • Earn respect by living out our commitment to quality in all we do.
  • Ask ourselves whether we are adding value, creating solutions or whether we are busy making excuses, defending, wasting effort and time.
  • Ensure no form of sexual harassment is practised by yourself or fellow Ikamvanites.
  • No Volunteer/Learner romantic relationship will be accepted.

Mutual Support

  • Cover all responsibilities.
  • Stand in for one another/admit limitations and call for help.
  • Share knowledge: do not be knowledge thieves.
  • Create a “Community of happiness and harmony”, bound together by our drive to realise our Future is in our hands.
  • Do not spring surprises on each other.
  • Assume accountability for overall success.
  • Accept responsibility for wrong and right things. Do not blame, unite in solving the problem and add value.
  • Accept all current organisational members. Don't compare with previous people.
  • Focus on the future and make sure we learn from mistakes done in the past.
  • Do not sabotage ourselves by sacrificing quality or by taking short-cuts/stealing/wasting time, effort, material from the organisation.


  • Organisational working ethics
  • Sincerity
  • Transparency
  • Honesty


  • Be punctual and attend the whole session.
  • If for any reason you can’t attend please make sure that you communicate with relevant people so that you can be excused.
  • Please make sure that you are on the register each time you come at IkamvaYouth.
  • Kickout report is final and will not be negotiated.


Partner Organisations

  • In any event where our partner organizations host our volunteer and learners, Volunteer/Learner relationship will not be promoted.
  • Respect and adding value will be appreciated on all the events.
  • Communication with all the relevant people and update change in schedules will be promoted.

Dear Volunteer,

IkamvaYouth’s mission is to enable learners to improve their marks, and increase their access to career guidance and financial aid support and information, computer literacy training, life skills development and opportunities to express themselves creatively through our image, media and expression programme. We also organize voluntary HIV counseling and testing for learners every three months.

Between 40 and 72% of IkamvaYouth’s learners access tertiary education following their involvement in our project. However, we can only achieve these results with volunteers who are committed, and participate actively in our programmes. It is for this reason that attendance is of high importance.

As a volunteer it is expected that you hold your commitment to volunteer with IkamvaYouth and arrive to all sessions on time. It is expected that you take full responsibility for yourself and your possessions during your time with IkamvaYouth.

By joining IkamvaYouth, you agree to the following:

I hereby agree that IkamvaYouth and any of its branches or members will not be liable in any way whatsoever for any loss or damage which may be suffered by the volunteer or any other person as a result of or arising in any way out of any harm or injury which may befall the volunteer, or the loss or destruction of, or damage to, any property owned by the volunteer or in the volunteer’s possession, which occurs during any IkamvaYouth activities or events, of or in relation to or in connection with the volunteer’s participation in any IkamvaYouth activities or events, or the volunteer being conveyed to or from any IkamvaYouth venue or activity, irrespective of how or by whom any such harm, injury, loss, damage or destruction may be caused. I agree that I will indemnify and hold IkamvaYouth, its branches and members harmless against any claim which may be made against IkamvaYouth, its branches or members by any person, arising from or relating to any harm, injury, loss, damage or destruction contemplated above.

Thank you.