written by Ikamva learners

It was a trip that I will never forget because I learned so many things. I enjoyed going to Clanwilliam because I learned about rock art, how the bushmen used to live, and also about the rocks and plants. I learned more about the Table Mountain, for example that it is made out of sandstone. I’ve been asking myself how this big place could have been made out of sand. Then we arrived to Clanwilliam. Although the village is small, it is a fun and interesting place. Next morning we woke up early to go see the San rock art. We saw paintings of men, women and animals and learned about how they were painted and also what they tell us about the San. Then we went back to Cape Town.

The part of the trip that I enjoyed the most was having fun with my friends and eating good food. Another thing that I enjoyed was talking to the UCT students who went on the trip with us. Overall, it was a good weekend.


Picture below: Ikamvanites listening to a guide


Special Thanks to Dr. Carl Palmer and the sponsors of this trip