IkamvaYouth Mamelodi mentorship launch

                                                                                     Mamelodi Branch Marvels in March Mentorship  


On 24th March 2018, on a partly cloudy day after three days without electricity in Mamelodi, IkamvaYouth officially launched their mentorship programme for the 2018 academic year.


Grade 12 Mentorship

The essence of the mentorship programme is to help the learners in navigating their way towards their academic goals. The mentorship launch was primarily aimed at pairing the grade 12 learners with mentors that are in a specific field of study, or in a profession that interests the learner. The whole idea is to help channel the learners into the right path, through receiving the right information from individuals that are well informed in those field.

In events leading to the launch, the grade 12 learners had an online career guidance workshop facilitated by the Education Agency whereby learners were helped to create individual profiles which highlights their interests, the type of career they like to pursue and information on the courses they would like to apply for.

The proceedings of the day included a brief introduction to mentors and mentees about the whole idea behind the mentorship program, the significance of the program and how it has in the past helped our learners, and she also gave examples of some beneficiaries from the previous years. There was a brief question and answer session where learners expressed their confusion in choosing the right career paths. We then had a session where mentors introduced themselves and gave a brief background of their academic journey, their professional careers, and future aspirations, and so this gave the parents and learners an idea of who the mentors are, and how the learners could possibly benefit from the mentorship programme.

Busi Maluleka  from Progress South Africa gave a brief testimony of her academic odyssey, how 20 years later, she found a passion different from what she had originally studied, and how she wished she had a mentor back then to guide her better.

Mentors and mentees were matched based on what the learner was interested in, and the mentor’s profession.

Mentors were from Progress South Africa, Tateni, Absa, Golden Key (University of Pretoria), and individuals from various other organisations and institutions. Overall the event was a great success, and we believe it’s the beginning of a great journey for both the learners and the mentors.

Grade 10 Mentorship

On the other side of town in Centurion, our grade 10 learners participated in the Global Mentorship Walk in commemoration of International Women’s Day facilitated by Hadithi Media.



It also marked the launch of the Hadithi Media Future Fit Mentoring program which encourages 20 IkamvaYouth grade 10 learners to participate in a personal leadership development journey for the next 10 months.


Motshidisi Anastasia, the program director,  took the attendees through the program under the theme Future Fitness, which is aimed at guiding conversations towards specific goals and promoting multi-dimensional fitness as an essential narrative for personal development.


Before the mentor-mentee meet and greet, Naledi Mokopakgosi the IkamvaYouth Mamelodi Branch Assistant gave an overview of IkamvaYouth and emphasised on our mentorship programme structure which we believe has made an impact in terms of contributing towards the preparation of learners for tertiary and postschool opportunities.

Rehema Isa, founder and CEO of Hadithi Media was the flag bearer for the Global Mentoring Walk and gave an introduction to  the Future Fitness theme. She explained how Hadithi Media wanted to accelerate the impact of future leaders, using mentorship as one key avenue for constructive dialogues that drive development, to create an accessible platform for dialogues between mentor-mentee, creating visibility around leadership and mentorship, and to create an opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s leadership and to accelerate women’s leadership through mentoring.


Through Future Fitness, Hadithi Media believes that mentees will be able to receive guidance in areas of their specific development requirements. The mentees will be provided an opportunity to reflect on their shared personal holistic outlook of development. Through Future Fitness program they believe that the recognized need to nurture and mentor holistically, body, mind and soul shall be fulfilled.


Mentors and mentees participated in a physical fitness activity and then began to engage in their conversations whilst walking.  After a session of critical conversations for mentees and mentors, there was a feedback sessions where participants were asked to give their input about the overall session

Overall we believe that the branch has taken major strides towards ensuring that the mentorship facet is successfully launched, and sustained. We believe that it will bear great results for our learners. Much gratitude to the organisations, and individuals that have offered their time and resources to mentor our learners