Ikageng’s 2017 Winter School Was Splendid

Our commitment to achieving our goal is pushing us to break barriers, we continue to strive for 100% matric pass rate.

One of our flagship programmes - our annual two week Winter School, took place on weekdays during school holidays, from the 3rd July to 14th July. We provide learners with a safe space to spend their holidays, receiving intensive tutoring, career guidance, creative workshops, targeted excursions and experiences. Our amazing tutors and learners were punctual, productive and consistent throughout the process.

The 2017 Winter School started with an Opening Ceremony attended by the Ikamvanites, North-West Department of Education officials, stakeholders, our funder Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa, parents and other IY staff members.

Winter School Tutor Training Session

Tutor training is always a learning experience, we get to refresh our minds and share tutoring techniques/styles with each other. Our tutors used this platform to gather direction and get the team motivated and on the same page for Winter school. 

Branch Coordinator Ntombi Facilitating The Tutor Training Workshop


Winter School Tutoring

This year we had exciting career guidance workshops, job shadowing excursions, life skills activities and a lot of team building which resulted to our awesome talent show. The attendance of the stakeholders, volunteers, parents and learners was impressive as it made our Winter School a memorable one. 

Tutors and Learners Working Together During Tutoring Sessions

Winter School Excursions

Excursions are a very important and interesting part of every program. Our learners are always excited about excursions and they help them relax and interact with their peers and most importantly professionals.

South African National Defense Force

The learners got to visit the South African National Defense Force which excited them and gave them a bit of time to relax and regroup. The main purpose for the day was to allow the learners to explore the different job opportunities offered by the SANDF.

Health and HIV/AIDS Programme

Student Advocating Leadership and Transformation (SALT) is a student initiative that is focused in educating students about HIV and AIDS and other related ailments. It is facilitated by Mario Chauque, who ensures the smooth running of SALT events in and out of campus. SALT has adopted IkamvaYouth, Ikageng as a way of ploughing back to the community, and aims to assist Ikamvanites apply to higher educational institutions. SALT believes that the greatest investment is investing in the future leaders. 

Branch Staff Having An Intimate Gender And Sexuality Dialogue With The Learners


Mentor Day

Not forgetting our Grade 12 learners and to show appreciation to our Mentors (SALT team). This Mentor day was to lessen the Grade 12 stress and anxiety, we therefore dedicated the day to tertiary applications and bursary opportunities for our 2017 Grade 12 learners. Our Mentors are really dedicated and continue to show immense interest in guiding and being resourceful to our learners, it truly was a day well spent!

At NWU University, Potchefstroom Campus Labs, our Matrics and Mentors Busy With Tertiary Applications

IY staff, Kopano and Zukile, Facilitating Workshop on Career Guide Booklets Donated by WISA

North West University Potchefstroom Campus Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Science invited our Grade 11 learners for a tour around both the faculty and the campus. The learners got to learn about the different programmes offered by the faculty, we also had a tour around the Science Centre and the Geology Museum which excited the learner's and sparked an interest in them. To close off the day, the learners were given a chance to take a relaxing walk around the Botanical Gardens. 

Ashleigh Pieterse from NWU - Faculty of Natural Science, Delivering the Science Workshop to the Learners

We are grateful for this partnership that leverages collective capacity to make tertiary/post-matric placements for Ikageng Grade 12 learners more feasible.

Talent Show

Our Talent show was one fun event on the last day of Winter School. Ikamvanites really put their best foot forward. The branch staff are proud of the efforts that both the tutors and learners put in for the day to be successful. 

Ikamvanite Learner Speech Campaigning Against Anti-Women/Girl Abuse


Our Winners _Talent Show

Tutor Appreciation Day


The Ikageng Branch has the most phenomenal Tutors, we took a day to appreciate their hard work and efforts to make sure that Winter School was a success and really humbled us.  We know that we could have never done it without their hard work and dedication to the programme. 

Tutor Appreciation at the Potchefstroom Park

After this Winter School, we can confidently say that we are all empowered and ready to tackle the last two terms on a high note.


The Future is Indeed in our Hands!