How We Achieve

How We Achieve Consistently Great Results

Learner Locus of control
Through self-selection, responsibility for their own learning and improvement, learners are empowered to take control of their education. This is a cornerstone to our programme as learners invest in their own success.

Developing Strong Work Ethic
Results prove consistently that learners who work hardest, achieve highest. In order to keep their place in the programme, learners must maintain a minimum 75% attendance requirement – for all sessions. We have “kick-outs” three times a year to ensure only committed learners remain and work consistently throughout the period. High attendance (between 90 – 100%) is rewarded. 

High Expectations
We believe all learners who work hard can achieve well. This belief is inculcated during tutor training in order to create an ethos of excellence. We inspire our learners to believe in their own abilities and realise their true potential.

Future Focus
Learners need a reason to commit their time and energy to their studies. During our Holiday Programmes we conduct career guidance workshops and expose learners to diverse post school opportunities. We help learners make the connection between academic achievement and realising their dreams.

Peer-to-Peer Support
IkamvaYouth promotes a culture of learning and supporting one another. Stronger performing learners assist those that are struggling. The goal is that everyone achieves, together. Matriculants stay on with the programme as tutors, thus creating a sustainable plough-back development process.