After having the Digital Registry in place for some time now in Makhaza, we are finally implementing this System in our other Branches in the Western Cape. We were able to gather many of the branch coordinators together to have a tutorial session. Mr. Kota the creator of this program was able to sit down with the branch coordinatiors of Masi and Nyanga to show them how the program worked. For those branch coordinators that were unable to attend, a series of videos were taken and have been put on youtube so that they too could take advantage of the tutorial session. 

In Part 1 we learned about relationships as well as how to narrow down a search. 

In Part 2 we learned about product joints and how to specify our searches. 

In Part 3 we leaned about queries and how to create a new query.  

In Part 4 we learned about grouping as well as how to back up our files. 

In Part 5 we learned how to share information with Microsoft Excel as well as what the all of the side tabs mean. 

In Part 6 we learned about the the student registry and how to specify searches with in a query.

More to come…