Tsiba 2013 Experiences

Tsiba Report


EDUCATION AND LIBERATION When we arrived at the June 16th Celebrations, it felt like we had stepped back into 1976 Sharpeville riots. This is true; when one considers that you are standing next to Antoinette Sithole, Hector Peterson’s sister. We find out that Hector Peterson’s traditional Xhosa name was Zolani. She told us about the day her brother was shot .She encouraged us to live a fulfilling life and to get educated because “…without education you are nothing.”

Antoinette also told us about the incorrect manner in which the nation is celebrating Youth Day/June 16. “It’s as if people are celebrating my brother’s death. It was inspiring as she explained that one’s background does not determine your future when it comes to education, especially with endless financial possibilities, like bursaries which are available. An interesting part of our day was when parents and children conversed in a quiz. One of the questions which was posed was, how do you feel about education in this democratic era?


MANDELA DAY On the 13th of July, we celebrated Mandela Day. As part of the Tsiba Project, we had to choose a practical project which we would assist for 67 Minutes. As Masiphumelele representatives, we chose to clean the Muizenberg beach. We wrote a message to Madiba, wishing him a speedy recovery. Our facilitators arrives and took pictures of what we had done, after which we returned to Tsiba. We were then addressed by a speaker who told us about how his grandmother taught him to achieve the seemingly impossible. For example, in the old days, women were not allowed to become lawyers. He notably also informed us that, without energy, a human being cannot function. We had a brilliant day!

Leaders of the Future

ENKE LEADERSHIP CAMP CONTRIBUTORS: SIBONGISENI JONAS ZIZO MDINGI SINENJONGO NGXAMELENI NCEBAKAZI NGCABA ZIZIPHO NGXOLA SINOVUYO QABA Attending the Enke Forum Class of 2013 was a great experience! It was incredibly fun and worth the long journey from Masiphumelele to Wellington. On our first day we had to introduce ourselves to the other trailblazers who hailed from various provinces within our country. One of the memorable things about the camp was that every games and/or activity held a lesson which was incredible. We learned lifelong lessons about leadership skills and gained increased knowledge, compared to what we knew about the subject before. We now have the task of applying the knowledge which was imparted. Even more, we have an opportunity to impact our communities and as the youth, we are eager to change the world in order to be a better place. On 7 July, the CEO of MXIT gave a profound speech and one of our Masinites, Sibongiseni Jonas thanked him on behalf of all the learners.We were each given an opportunity to choose a project which will uplift our community. The Enke leadership made us realise that the future lies in our hands and we can change the world. In order to bring about change, we need to think positively about ourselves and allow nothing to stand in our way. Coupled with strength and courage, we shall succeed in our projects and carry on our leadership skills. Various towns and countries were represented and this added to the diversity of the camp. It was compulsory to speak English and this also improved our language proficiency. Another highlight was when we watched a video of a girl and her boyfriend. The couple was in love and in a trusting relationship. The girl cheated on her boyfriend and she wanted to shift the blame. The moral of the story was, “Love someone as if it is the last day of your life.” Despite the story relating to a romantic relationship, it also showed us how we should treat each other. Lastly, it is important that we relate one of the lessons on leadership that we were taught at the Enke Forum. We did a visualising exercise in which we had to project where we thought we would be 15 years from now; the need for respect and how to break free from our comfort zone. A wonderful, life changing experience that we shall never forget!

Numeric Khan Academy Awards Ceremony

Numeric Khan Academy Awards Ceremony

The Grade 9 learners at the Makhaza Ikamva Youth branch take part in a Numeric Khan Academy programme every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  They practice various maths concepts on an online platform called Khan Academy.  This programme enables learners to practice maths at their own pace and to build up foundational maths topics.  Led by coach, Yanga Zukelwa, this year’s Grade 9s have mastered more maths concepts than in previous years.  The Grade 9s work hard and look forward to attending these sessions. 

As a way of rewarding learners for their effort and recognising the achievements of the group, Numeric held an Awards Ceremony for the learners on 31 August at the Ikamva Youth Office in Makhaza.  Certificates were presented to learners based on the number of topics that they had mastered using the Khan Academy platform.  In order to attain mastery in these topics, learners must get at least 10 maths sums correct in a row.  In doing this, learners often have to complete more than 20 maths sums to achieve mastery in a topic, which means to earn the first certificate learners would have had to complete at least 500 maths sums on Khan Academy.  Certificates were given out for 25 Mastered topics (Red Diamond Certificate), 50 Mastered Topics (Orange Diamond Certificate), and 75 Mastered Topics (Purple Diamond Certificate).  

These learners should be very proud of themselves and their hard work because every learner earned a Red Diamond Certificate for Mastering at least 25 topics.  

There were also some special awards for Most Committed Learner, Most Helpful Learner, Most Improved Learner, and a Drill Master Award for the learner who did best on arithmetic speed tests.  

The event was a fun celebration of hard work and success!  Well done to the Grade 9s at the Ikamva Youth Branch in Makhaza! 


ABI in Gauteng host their Mentees in celebration of Women’s Month

ABI in Gauteng host their Mentees in celebration of Women’s Month

August is a special month for all women in South Africa as we all celebrate Women’s Day on the 9th of August of every year. ABI together with Joan Madibeng, a South African business woman and media personality, invited 10 of their mentee’s from IkamvaYouth Ebony Park to attend a very special occasion to celebrate all women on the 24th of August 2013. This event was titled, ” Women – The Real Architects of Society, ” and was aimed at providing attendees with some insights into the world and also provide guidance for them as they mature into women-hood. 

The event was packed with inspiring speakers, incredible performers, amazing food, spot prizes and fabulous goodie bags. There were many special guest speakers and these included Herman Mashaba, Thabiso Sikwane, Edith Venter, Dr. Michael Mol and Azania Mosaka. The learners really appreciated being given the opportunity to attend this event largely because ABI paid R10 000 for all the Ikamvanites to get a seat and enjoy the day.

Joan said, “It is key that women be given the tools for their upliftment and be given access to information relevant to all areas of their dynamic lifestyles. It was a wonderful privilege to host fellow Women, and inspire them in a small way”  

The learners have pegged this to be a day that they will live to remember for the rest of their lives!

Thank you Joan and ABI!!!